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  • Pablo Milanes
  • Pablo Moses
  • Pasadena Ruff Orquesta
  • Patricia Barber
  • Patti Smith
  • Paul Lamb & The King Snakes
  • Pedro Iturralde Quartet
  • Pee Wee Ellis Funky Assembly
  • Pepe Habichuela
  • Pepe Rivero Big Band
  • Pernice Brothers
  • Peter Hammill
  • Philip Catherine Trio
  • Philip Glass
  • Potato
  • Pretty Things
  • Primital
  • Proyecto Miņo
  • Puerto Candelaria
  • Pura Fe

Last Event

David Knopfler Band


David Knopfler Band.Rehearsal Studio Sessions at Line Up facilities,October 9&10th 2017

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